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Student entrepreneurship

Learn entrepreneurial skills to shape your future
Drop in for advice, join an event or test your ideas in an accelerator.


The Innovation Hub supports students interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our aim is to connect students with innovative industry partners and equip them with transferable skills in innovative and critical thinking. Through our programs, students can develop creative ideas and innovative thinking via a range of units, activities and resources.

Whether you want to attend a panel event to hear how an industry expert got their start, prototype a product or launch a start-up – make the Innovation Hub your first point of call for advice and support.

Units of study 龙岩满伟禄服务有限公司

Our students are working with industry, business and government partners globally on industry and community projects. These multidisciplinary projects allow opportunities for students to work collaboratively to build skills and gain valuable work experience.

Projects with local industry and community partners will be offered in both semesters in 2019, with new entrepreneurship projects offered in Hong Kong, China and Cambridge in the intensive study periods.

Inventing the Future

Inventing the Future is an ambitious postgraduate accelerator that addresses real-world problems and teaches students the process of deep tech innovation – from ideation to prototyping and commercialisation. The program is based around a series of challenges, with previous challenge topics including sustainable packaging, air quality and improving melanoma detection.

Students from Science, Engineering, Design and Business work together in teams to explore the challenge and develop a specific solution. Teams are given resources and a budget and are expected to develop a working prototype and a business case by the end of the program.

Several graduates have gone on to successfully develop their ideas as companies:

Inventing the Future runs in second semester each year. Entry is selective, and the program can be taken as credit (6 credit points: INFC7000) or not for credit. Topics for Semester 2, 2019 are:

  • Climate Change Resilience
  • All aboard the STEAM Train
  • Assistive Technology for the Disabled

More information can be found here.

If you are interested in applying, please submit this online form.

Resources and events 广东省盈百皇服务有限公司

Through the Innovation Hub, students can access resources and events throughout semester. These include:

  • unique training opportunities
  • one-on-one drop-in sessions
  • expert helpdesks with high-profile industry contacts
  • professional development seminars
  • contacts mentoring and advice.

Sign up to the Innovation mailing list to stay informed about our programs and events.

Technical support 淮南高昌大机械有限公司

The University’s TechLab provides an innovative and supportive space for students to connect, learn and share technology innovations for the classroom or research lab throughout semester. They cater to student prototyping needs with 3D printers and virtual reality technology and can provide expert advice on software and coding challenges, robotics and artificial intelligence and many other tech topics.

Book a session


The University of Sydney is home to a number of excellent and award-winning accelerator programs, designed to suit budding entrepreneurs at different stages of the start-up process, from ideation right through to prototyping and business launch.

GENESIS 楚雄美信安商贸有限公司

GENESIS is a cross-faculty start-up program run from the University of Sydney Business School. Founded in 2008, it has supported more than 1000 students and alumni to develop their commercial and social enterprises.

Each semester, 25 start-up teams are accepted into the program. Participants gain access to weekly workshops, mentoring with entrepreneurs and business leaders and pitching opportunities to secure resources and support. Teams create a viable business plan, develop a working prototype and gain market traction. Finalist teams present their ideas in a booth-pitching style showcase event, where appointed judges award the winning teams with more than $20,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

Many alumni of the GENESIS program have gone on to see their ideas win global awards,  secure significant funding grants and collaborated with high profile names like Apple and NASA. 

  • Find out how to get involved with GENESIS.

INCUBATE 二连浩特圣禄安有限公司

INCUBATE is an award-winning program supported by the student-led University of Sydney Union. The program fosters a proactive community of entrepreneurs on campus and includes seed funding, professional mentoring and accelerator programs for high-potential start-ups. They also host regular workshops and information sessions that students, researchers and alumni who are building innovative start-ups can attend.

Since 2012, the team have supported the creation of more than 80 start-ups worth a combined $40 million. Building a community of enthusiastic mentors, they have helped hundreds of student entrepreneurs from all disciplines with a wide range of ideas, such as ‘eBay for cows’, babysitter apps, vertical gardens, project management apps, clever keyboards, health and wellbeing aids and event planning tools.

INCUBATE welcomes applications from University of Sydney students, alumni and researchers. The program helps start-ups at all stages, but it is recommended you have a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) when applying for the accelerator.

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